we help your shoppers
try products online!

we help your shoppers
try products online!

Convert hesitating shoppers into confident buyers!

yRuler platform enables you to provide a personal experience to every visitor, all through leveraging your existing product images.


yRuler provides a complete visual try out solution. All best features are already here!


Leverage Existing Content

yRuler uses your existing product images, and content. No need to re-take product images, or process complex CAD files.


Retailer Friendly

Zero Integration - Just add 1 line Javascript code, and your done! Our platform will take care of the rest.


What you see is what you get

Let your visitors see how your products look on themselves, or compare a product to items they already own.


Shopper & Product Analytics

Go beyond standard analytics, see your visitor sizes, and how they actually interact with your products.


White Label

Our team will customize yRuler user interface to match your website look-n-feel.


60 Days Free Trial

Try yRuler for 60 days completely free. If you like it, we'll be happy to continue and work together.

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